Palos United Methodist Church

November 10, 2019
Office Hours: 9:00 am - 1:00 pm Tuesday-Friday
10:00 am Worship
 12:30 pm Korean UMC Worship
7:30 pm  AA Sunday Night Meeting

Office Closed
7:00 pm AA
9:00-11:00 am & 4:00-6:00 pm FOOD PANTRY
7:30 pm EA Meeting
8:00 pm  Al-Anon Serenity Circle
7:00 pm AA, R & D Group

10:00 am Worship
12:30 pm Korean UMC Worship
7:30 pm  AA Sunday Night Meeting
November 10

WELCOME VISITORS! We are thankful for your presence with us today. Weekly announcements can
be found in the back of the sanctuary. If you wish to talk about your “next steps” in faith, please contact
the pastor.

ANGELS OF HOPE TREE” in the narthex during the month of November. An outreach of one of our
ministry partners, Chicagoland Prison Outreach, gives us the opportunity to share Christmas gifts with
children and families of persons who are incarcerated.

ELIM CHRISTIAN SERVICES PRAISE AND WORSHIP TEAM will be with us after the new year
participating in worship. We are thankful for Elim’s presence at our weekly Food Pantry as well.

WE PRAY FOR:  Phyllis Adams, Phyllis Wimmer, J.R. Wilson, Joe Grey, Allison Grey, Larry Bayless,
Bob Swanson, Elmer Arceo, Dr. Pablo Mena, Phyllis Rowley Adams, Ken Brown, Edd & Susan Jelinek,
Alyssa Watt, David Pratl, Carol Murphy, Laverne Knafl, Evelyn Young, Dorothy Goeing. We extend
our condolences to Greg and Carey Mallory, on the death of Carey’s mother, Joan Mertens.